How can I join the Ambassador Program?

We are looking for ambassadors to represent our brand with their amazing little ones! Tag us in the description of your most recent babies post and send us a DM or email on why you’d like to be an ambassador!

 There are SO many influencers out there the competition makes it hard to stand out! We understand that and want to give opportunity to those that might not necessarily be a major influencer or blogger quite yet, but are passionate about their babies and sharing what they wear!

 We have established guidelines around the program, so please review and read thoroughly to understand our expectations as ambassadors (we have to establish guidelines so the program isn’t abused and someone doesn’t ruin it for everyone else)!

  1. Each ambassador needs to be prepared to post content on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Instagram stories.
  2. Ambassadors will be provided a discount code to share with their followers.
  3. Each ambassador will need to post two photos per month on their Instagram Feed and Instagram story, and one on their Facebook feed (normally easiest when just connected to IG) with their baby and a Willow+Co product.
  4. We love reposting your photos so we’ll also share on our stories/posts so you’ll gain visibility from all of our followers! For photos, make them fresh, quality, crisp, and unique! As an example for feed styles we are looking for, check out these IG feeds: @morganlundberg and @brittanydavis___
  5. Each ambassador will have the opportunity to work with us long term, but will start on 3-month minimum term and evaluated at the end of three months (unless ambassador requirements were not met and agreement was terminated)
  6. Ambassadors will receive 50% off Willow+Co products (for the first month capped at 4 items/month) to start the program.
  7. If there is an ongoing sale of 35% or more (this does not happen often), 50% is not offered on those sale products but the original price or the discounted price of 35% or less.
  8. Ambassadors will receive a $5 Willow+Co credit from every sale that is generated by their referral code.
  9. As an future incentive, those ambassadors that are top performers via completed purchases with their influencer code at the end of three months will move to 100% trade for posts
  10. Once you receive your products, you have up to 30 days to deliver the post requirements mentioned above. In the case that the post threshold isn’t met as agreed upon,  the ambassadors agreement will be terminated and discounts revoked.
  11. To get started, email us at or DM us on instagram @thewillowco. We look forward to working with you!

What information to send?

Please send the following information:

 Instagram Handle (PLEASE PROVIDE LINK)

Number of Instagram Followers

Where you are located

Any other social media LINKS

Desired Product? Please be specific (links and/or titles are helpful)

Any additional information? Tell us about yourself and your audience!

Do you do collaborations?

We do! Please reach out via or DM us on instagram @thewillowco for collaborations. We will review your Instagram for evaluation and determine if it meets the audience threshold for product trade. Please see "What information to send" above on details to pass along.

Do you do co-branding (influencer lines)?

We do! However, this is very unique and goes through an extreme vetting process and must be the right fit with our brand. A minimum of 250K followers is needed amongst further requirements and specific details that must be worked out. Please reach out to if you fall within these guidelines to discuss further!