Willow+Co Announces Exciting Capsule Collection Collaboration with Everything Fusilier

Willow+Co Announces Exciting Capsule Collection Collaboration with Everything Fusilier


Willow+Co Announces Exciting Capsule Collection Collaboration with Everything Fusilier

[Sacramento, Ca] – Willow+Co is thrilled to announce a highly anticipated capsule collection collaboration with Everything Fusilier, set to be available on September 14th, 2023. This extraordinary collection showcases a unique fusion of style and creativity, featuring three exclusive prints, "Four Sisters," "Lucky Charm," and "Geauxing Chic," curated by the amazing Dr. Brittney Fusilier.

This collaboration represents a harmonious blend of the distinctive aesthetics of Willow+Co and Everything Fusilier, creating a captivating and eclectic capsule collection that is sure to unique to its creators.

### The Prints:

1. **Four Sisters:** This enchanting print is an homage to the beauty of sisterhood, with its delicate and intricate design symbolizing the strength and bond shared among sisters. Four Sisters captures the essence of unity and togetherness through its elegant patterns and vibrant colors.

2. **Lucky Charm:** Inspired by the whimsical world of good luck charms and symbols, Lucky Charm is a playful print that will add an element of fun and positivity to any wardrobe. With its cheerful motifs and lively color palette, this print is bound to bring good fortune and charm to those who wear it.

3. **Geauxing Chic:** Geauxing Chic embodies the essence of modern sophistication, featuring a timeless design that effortlessly combines classic elegance with contemporary flair. 

### About Willow+Co:

Willow+Co is a celebrated fashion brand known for its commitment to creating quality clothing that transcends trends and empowers individuals to express their unique style. With a dedication to sustainability and ethical practices, Willow+Co has earned a reputation for excellence in the fashion industry.

### About Everything Fusilier:

Dr. Brittney Fusilier, a retired pharmacist at the age of 32, the blessed wife of Dr. John Dwight Fusilier, Jr. and mom of 3 beautiful daughters named Madison Kate, Olivia Grace, and Emily Claire. Our precious Goldendoodle pup Murphy Maximillion is the glorified "son" of the family! I am first and foremost a child of God. I am intentional about glorifying Him and living life freely and abundantly! Everything that I have and all that I am I give thanks to Christ.

This exciting collaboration between Willow+Co and Everything Fusilier is a celebration of creativity, style, and innovation. The capsule collection will be available for purchase on September 14th, 2023, at Willow+Co's online store.

For more information about Willow+Co and the Everything Fusilier collaboration, please visit thewillowco.com.

Media Contact:
Brittany Davis
Email: brittany@thewillowco.com
Phone: 925-785-7272

### Social Media:

Follow Willow+Co on Instagram and Tik Tok @thewillowco
Follow Everything Fusilier on Instagram @brittfusilier


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